Bullying & Harassment

If you’ve been a victim of abuse in a workplace, we will provide specialist advice to ensure your rights are upheld.


Being the subject of any bullying or harassment in the workplace can be distressing.  Your rights can vary depending on a number of factors including the nature of the workplace bullying and the reason for the workplace bullying.

Workplace bullying may be covered by discrimination law, general protections under the Fair Work Act 2009, unfair dismissal law, employment contract law and enterprise agreements in the workplace, and occupational health and safety law.


What we do and how we can help:

We have extensive experience in assisting employees and employers in managing allegations of bullying and harassment.  We can provide timely advice on how to manage these issues pragmatically to ensure that sensible outcomes are achieved.  Where this is not possible, we can assist with representing our client in various Courts and Tribunals to ensure that their rights are upheld.