Adiem Law

Centred in Law

Innovating from experience

Our experience within distinguished private and government legal teams led us to work differently and innovate through a discerning specialisation in what we do.

We only advise a very limited number of clients at any one time and only in workplace and administrative litigation because that’s what we do best. This may sound restrictive, but it has allowed us to provide focussed strategies leading to client-focused results, that is often unachievable in larger full-service firms.

Aligned with the law

As accomplished practitioners in employment, and administrative law, we deeply appreciate and strive to uphold the ethics and traditions of law.

Our passion for our craft drives us to take our practice seriously, where we maintain the highest standards in every way, and deliver industry-leading strategies with quiet confidence.

On your side

We’re confident and knowledgeable in what we do, but we’re also always easy to talk to.

Engaging us offers the experience of working with a human, not a large law firm particularly as we only take on a select number of clients at any one time. Prompt and responsive, we engage directly with our clients from the first interaction, bringing the best of our personality to what we do.



Drawing from extensive experience in Australia’s foremost government and private legal teams, Aasish previously exclusively advised Government, and Corporate clients in employment and administrative law.

Aasish’s employment experience included advising on day-to-day HR enquiries and workplace disputes through to complicated issues which involve serious risks to reputation, industrial relations, workplace restructuring and workplace health and safety matters. Aasish’s experience also includes advising on professional regulatory matters (particularly involving the conduct of health practitioners), and statutory insurance claims.