Employment Contract Law

Our expert advisors can review your employment contract and remuneration, ensuring their consistency with current workplace laws.


An employment contract protects both the business and employees by setting out the parties’ rights and obligations in addition to the protected minimum employee entitlements.

It can also minimise the risk of a later dispute about the terms and conditions of employment.

We can review all aspects of employment contracts and can ensure that your current rights and future interests are protected.

Before taking on a new role, it’s vital to review and negotiate the terms of your employment contract. it’s especially important for senior managerial or executive roles, and we can assist in these negotiations.


What we do and how we can help:

We provide advice on how to reduce risk, improve job security and tailor the contract to your individual needs.

Where there is a dispute about a matter arising under your employment contract (such as restraints of trade, underpayments and entitlements) we can provide advice on resolving this dispute pragmatically or enforcing the terms of your contract in a Court or through alternative dispute resolution.

We provide a fixed fee service for this work.  Contact us today to obtain an estimate.